A Joyful Noise | April 2021

“Quiet My Soul”

Senior Warden Maggie Collinge

I am writing to you from Melaque, Mexico.  Larry and I received our two doses of vaccine and here we are at our place in Mexico.  This is the first winter in twenty years that we have not spent four months in the sun.   This will be a short trip for us; just six weeks.  But, thanks to Zoom, I have seen some of you.  Thanks to the miracle of recording, I listened to the church service from Sunday.  I have to say that maybe Zoom, or the internet, is some sort of gift from God.

I hope you are all well and starting to enjoy some spring weather.  This is a different time to be here; we usually return to the Northwest about now.  Last month I reflected on the signs of spring in my garden.  Here, it is much different.  The winter has been quite dry so the yard is brown and the air is dry.  It is cool at night and quite windy in the afternoons.  In a few months, there should be some rain and the humidity should start to come on.  I pray that will happen so the growth cycle will carry on. 

Live’s rhythm is different here.  We don’t go out much and enjoy cooking our own meals.  Larry is busy in the kitchen preparing a big pot of beans.  They smell so good.  The whole foods that God gives us are here in great abundance.  I like to buy a pineapple and a big papaya.  We just eat that combination a couple of times a day with some lime and chili salt.  I must admit that I wait until I am here to eat tropical fruit.  There is something to be said about eating what is grown nearby.

Morning is the time for exercise, chores around the house and shopping, before it gets too hot.  After lunch is a quiet time for all who are here at Villa Las Palmas.  It is a perfect time for me to do centering prayer and EfM group.  At the moment, we are one hour ahead of you due to daylight time.  Mexico does not make the change until April 4, then, we will be two hours ahead of you all.  Siesta….. such a great idea.

It is a good place to read and study.  I am in the third year of EfM so I am in the thick of reading about church history.  It is a challenge to me but I am sticking with it! 

My prayer for all of you is that you can find some space for quiet time and prayer. 

“Teach me, Lord, how to be still, like a Good Shepherd, lead me beside still waters.  Quiet my soul.  Bring order and calm to the chaos in my mind, so I can spend time in quiet and joyful meditation with you.”

asheritah ciuciu, a prayer for focused, quiet time

Thank You to Our Dedicated Altar Guild

Many thanks to the Altar Guild for decorating the Memorial Garden Cross so beautifully for Palm Sunday and Easter Sunday.

Adult Faith Formation: The Way of Love

The Way of Love: A Practical Guide to Following Jesus
by Scott Gunn with a foreword by Bishop Michael Curry

Sundays, April 11 – May 16
11:45 – 12:30 pm, via Zoom

From the Introduction by Bishop Curry:

“A few years ago, a group of Episcopalians gathered in Atlanta to help me think about how to encourage all of us as the church to be the modern iteration of the Jesus Movement. We soon realized that we didn’t have to invent something new.      

The deep roots of Judaism and Christianity offer rich and time-tested spiritual practices and disciplines, ways of prayer, meditation, study, hospitality, and witness. For centuries, these practices have helped to draw those who engaged them into a loving, liberating, and life-giving relationship with God and into loving, liberating, and life-giving relationships with others and with God’s world. The folks we speak of as saints consistently engaged these spiritual practices, which nourished in them a Jesus-centered life of love and witness.       

We wondered: What would happen if we asked every Episcopalian to adopt these practices for a Jesus-centered life? How would God, through us, change lives and the world?       

The group developed the concept of the Way of Love. But to be certain, it is not a program, done once and put away on a shelf. The Way of Love is a set of ancient spiritual practices to help every Episcopalian develop a Jesus-centered rule of life…    

This book offers a guide to embarking on the Way of Love. It is full of practical advice for how to embrace the seven Way of Love spiritual practices with an approach that is authentic and personal. My prayer is that this book will help you and me and all of us to throw our very lives into the hands of Jesus, such that his way of love becomes our way of life, and his life becomes ours.”

bishop michael curry

The Way of Love: A Practical Guide to Following Jesus is available at our local bookstores, at Amazon in print and in Kindle versions, and by special order, with discounts, at Forward Movement.

Please join in. All are welcome.

An Invitation from the Diocese

Sunday, April 25
11:00 am Livestream from St. Mark’s Cathedral

In the cosmology of North and South American peoples, Turtle Island is the geographic region covering Canada, United States, Central America, and South America. Join together online Sunday, April 25, at 11:00 am to worship Jesus with Episcopalians from all over the Diocese of Olympia led by our Circles of Color and focused on the languages, cultures, and experiences of the First Peoples of Turtle Island, with a specific focus on communities from within Province 8. This online service is a chance for diocesan-wide worship, learning, connection, and conversation, as well as an opportunity to give our working clergy a Sunday off from preaching and presiding.

The One Service will include a Town Hall webinar after worship with Bishop Rickel and members of Circles of Color to process the worship experience and go deeper into dialogue around issues of race and culture in our diocese, with special attention to the experiences of Indo-Hispanic/Indigenous peoples and a specific focus on communities from within Province 8. All are welcome, and congregations are encouraged to “attend” together in whatever ways you can – viewing parties, online watch parties, or whatever means are safe and responsible given the state of the pandemic at that time.


Happy Birthday Wishes to…

…Janis Larkins on April 17
……Margo Huth on April 19
………Sara Ledbetter on April 20
…………Erin Kohlhaas on April30

Congratulations to…

……Janice Walker on the 66th anniversary of her baptism at Christ Episcopal Church Anacortes!

Please send the month & date of your birthday, baptismal date, anniversary, and/or other special occasions so we can help you celebrate your blessings in the Joyful Noise. Please send to People’s Warden Judith Render at lorneandjudith@hotmail.com, 360-982-2770.

Sunday Services

 11 April 2021
 Easter 2
 10:30 am Morning Prayer
  Presider: Mr. John Okerman
  Homilist: Rev. Deacon Eric Johnson
  Deacon: Rev. Deacon Eric Johnson
  Readers: Valerie Long, Creamy Wilkins
  Acts 4:32-35
  Psalm 133
  1 John 1:1-2:2
  John 20:19-31

  18 April 2021
  Easter 3
 10:30 am Morning Prayer
  Presider: Ms. Shirley Barrett
  Homilist: Rev. Diane Ramerman
  Deacon: Rev. Deacon Eric Johnson
  Readers: Erin Kohlhaas, Carleton Manning
  Acts 3:12-19
  Psalm 4
  1 John 3:1-7
  Luke 24:36b-48

 25 April 2021
 Easter 4
 Christ Church will join the 11:00 am Diocesan service.

 2 May 2021
 Easter 5
 10:30 am Morning Prayer
  Presider: Rev. Brian Lennstrom
  Homilist: Rev. Brian Lennstrom
  Deacon: Rev. Deacon Eric Johnson
  Readers: Becky Lennstrom, Jerlyn Caba
  Acts 8:26-40
  Psalm 22:24-30
  1 John 4:7-21
  John 15:1-8

A Joyful Noise | April 2021