A Joyful Noise | May 2021

The Sabbath

Senior Warden Maggie Collinge

Besides attending church, what other ways do you honor God?  After reading The Sabbath by Abraham Joshua Herschel, I have been giving this some thought.  This a short book, about 100 pages. The Jewish faith truly lays out a plan for the faithful to follow on this day.  There are ideas that we Christians could follow also.  The big take away for me is summed up in the following quotation:

The realm of time where the goal is not to have but to be, not to own but to give, not to control but to share, not to subdue but to be in accord.  Life goes wrong when the controls of space, the acquisition of things of space, becomes our sole concern.

On the seventh day, the Sabbath, the Jews are called to step away from the world where they have been working for the first six days of the week.  Those six days of work are necessary; they are part of God’s plan, just as that seventh day of rest is part of God’s plan.  Abraham Heschel goes on to say, 

Sabbath is a day on which the hours do not oust one and other.
It is a day that can sooth all sadness away. 

What a wonderful thought.  During those six days of work, have you ever experienced “hours ousting one and other”?  I have, when the phone rings, when I am half way through a project and remember something else that needs doing or perhaps your boss wants something done ASAP.  Those are all examples of “ousting hours”.  With none of those happenings, we have time to experience God and the love of our family or friends who might be sharing the Sabbath Day with us. God not only rested on the seventh day of creation, he also blessed and hallowed, made holy, all that he had made.  God longs for our companionship on the Sabbath.  This little book is rich with images and ideas; I recommend it to you all. I will leave you with one more quotation:

Six evenings a week we pray: “Guard our going out and our coming in”;
on the Sabbath evening we pray instead: “Embrace us with a tent of Thy peace.”

Think of the Sabbath as a tent created by God.  It is a reminder to think of being within the Sabbath, not the Sabbath being within us. 

Peace to you all during this month of May.

Call to Discernment

Reverend Diane Ramerman

After several months of congregational discernment (Bold Steps program) the Christ Church congregation noted the significant spiritual gifts of  persons in the congregation and collectively called six to individual discernment,  formation and service in the Circle.  Shirley Barrett, Maggie Collinge, Erin Kohlhaas, John Okerman,  Mark Perschbacher, and Melissa Simonsen are now participating in a general discernment group under the guidance of the Rev. Sally Balmer.  Please offer your congratulations, and continue to support them spiritually as they  discover and respond to God’s will in their lives.   In the months to come, more will be written about their discernment,  formation and training activities.  Several are already engaged in Education for Ministry, and three will be attending the College for Congregational Development this spring.

Outdoor Eucharist Services Planned for May 9 & 12

June Cook

After more than a year of absence from our beloved sanctuary, we’re making plans to return.  First, however, we will offer services outside in the Memorial Garden area where there is less potential for Covid transmission.  The May 9 and May 12 services will serve as tests and, depending on the results, additional services may be scheduled. Reservations will be required, and only 20 people will be accommodated at each service.  When making reservations, specify which date you wish to attend.

There will be an on-line service for those who don’t attend in person.  It will either be a live-stream of the 10:30 outdoor Eucharist or 9am Morning Prayer on Zoom.  More details to follow soon.

Masks and social distancing will be required.  Chairs will be set up with the appropriate distance between them, so please don’t move them.  Couples and families will be seated together without social distancing.  On arrival, all will be screened for Covid symptoms.

What to Bring
Prayer books and bulletins will not be provided.  Please bring your own.  A canopy will be set up to protect the altar from the elements, but the congregation will not have that protection.  If needed, bring an umbrella for sun or rain protection.

Contact June Cook by phone or text (360-333-9311) or e-mail (juneco47@gmail.com) for reservations. Please provide the number of people in your party and your preferred date.  If spaces at the Sunday service fill before your reservation is received, you will be offered a seat at the Wednesday service.

We’re looking forward to seeing you all again in person to worship and offer thanks for seeing us through this difficult time.

Adult Faith Formation: The Way of Love

The Way of Love: A Practical Guide to Following Jesus
by Scott Gunn with a foreword by Bishop Michael Curry

Sundays, through May 16
11:45 – 12:30 pm, via Zoom
Please join in. All are welcome.

Red Door Thrift Shop Grand Re-Opening

Erin Kohlhaas, Red Door Thrift Shop Manager

The Red Door Thrift Shop’s Grand Re-Opening is scheduled for Thursday, May 13.
Beginning on May 13, we will be open for in-person shopping on Tuesdays & Thursdays, 10 am—2 pm. There will be a 5 customer limit in the store at one time and we will ask customers to complete their shopping in 30 minutes if there is a line to enter. Everyone will be required to wear masks and social distance and will be asked to hand sanitize on the way in. We will not be accepting donations immediately but will make an announcement when we are able to start accepting donations again.
We look forward to being open and seeing all of our customers and Red Door family again! 
reddoorthriftshop.com, 360.293.8027

Support Sol Kohlhaas in His Leadership Skagit Project

Sol Kohlhaas

Sol Kohlhaas is a member of the Leadership Skagit Class of 2021. Each year, Leadership Skagit selects participants for a nine-month civic leadership development program with a goal of strengthening and transforming communities by developing leadership that is informed, inclusive, and connected through shared learning experiences. As part of that program, Sol is a member of the Dreams Team. The Dreams Team is producing and publishing a book that tells the story of a young girl who does not know what she wants to be when she grows up. The story will follow ‘Sky’ as she travels through Skagit Valley meeting successful woman in various roles. In the end ‘Sky’ realizes she can be anything she wants to be and the sky is the limit. Throughout the story there will be reflective learning opportunities for the reader such as coloring and journaling. We hope that sharing ‘Sky’s’ journey and providing reflective opportunities will inspire the girls in our community to dream big, really big!

Fundraising is key to the success of the Dreams Team project. If you would like to support Sol and the Dreams Team in this project, please write a check to Christ Episcopal Church with LS ’21 Dreams Team in the memo. The fundraising deadline is May 15. Thank you for your Support!

Synergy Project Update

Big Thanks to Christ Church & the Red Door Thrift Shop:
Investing in Infant Care & Early Learning in Anacortes

Reverend Deacon Eric Johnson

Great news in April!  The Federal Office of Head Start awarded $1.8 million to the Samish tribe to construct a new infant/childcare facility on D Avenue. Only five grants were awarded nationally this year, and the great support given by Christ Church’s Red Door Thrift Shop and other community partners put the Samish request in the Number 1 position to receive funding.

This effort by the community—the Synergy Project—is the joint undertaking by the Red Door, the Service Clubs of Anacortes, and Samish to expand the availability of infant/childcare in Anacortes. The funds will be used to construct a new childcare facility on the Samish property at the old D Avenue Nursery.  Given the age of the children that this facility will support, the Samish Tribal Council decided the keep the name “D Avenue Nursery” for the new school.

The new facility will enable Samish to provide 10 hours a day in childcare services for children ages 0-3 as well as make spots available for expecting mothers. Six hours of the day will be free services for Early Head Start and four hours (before and after the school’s operating hours) are on a sliding fee schedule, which, for some families, will be free as well. The school will be open to non-tribal families and will operate year-round, to help parents who work full time or who are seasonal workers in the summer. The new facility will employ over 15 new teachers, administrators, and food service specialists. Samish are working on a cost analysis, and the Synergy group (including Christ Church) will soon receive an update about the architectural plans for the facility and the additional needs of the project.

Thanks again to everyone at Christ Church and all the volunteers at the Red Door Thrift Shop for helping to make this the first infant care facility in Anacortes!

Meals on Wheels Needs Your Help

Due to the pandemic, Skagit County Meals on Wheels made the difficult decision to cancel the March for Meals Bowling Bash, their principal fundraising event for the year.  The COVID-19 pandemic has caused a 35% increase in the need for home delivered meals for seniors in our community. In order to provide this much needed service, your financial support is more important than ever.

To make a donation by check, please make check payable to Skagit County Meals on Wheels  and mail to: 700 S. 2nd Street , Room #301, Mount Vernon, WA 98273. If you would like to donate online, please visit www.bowlingbash.org


Happy Birthday Wishes to…

…Rita Yribar on May 6
……Erick Simonsen on May 14

Happy Wedding Anniversary to…

…Rita Yribar & Bob McElroy on May 14
……Becky & Seth Short on May 30

Congratulations to…

…Mark McGee on the Anniversary of his Baptism at St. Mark’s on the Hill, Pikesville MD

Please send the month & date of your birthday, baptismal date, anniversary, and/or other special occasions so we can help you celebrate your blessings in the Joyful Noise. Please send to People’s Warden Judith Render at lorneandjudith@hotmail.com, 360-982-2770.

Sunday Services

2 May 2021
Easter 5
10:30 am Morning Prayer
Presider: Rev. Brian Lennstrom
Homilist: Rev. Brian Lennstrom
Deacon: Rev. Deacon Eric Johnson
Readers: Becky Lennstrom, Jerlyn Caba
 Acts 8:26-40
 Psalm 22:24-30
 1 John 4:7-21
 John 15:1-8

9 May 2021
Easter 6
10:30 am
Outdoor Holy Eucharist
Presider: Rev. Diane Ramerman
Homilist: Ms. Shirley Barrett
Deacon: Rev. Deacon Eric Johnson
Readers: Melissa Simonsen, Siriana Simonsen
 Acts 10:44-48
 Psalm 98
 1 John 5:1-6
 John 15:9-17

16 May 2021
Ascension Sunday
10:30 am Morning Prayer
Presider: Ms. June Cook
Homilist: Rev. Deacon Eric Johnson
Deacon: Rev. Deacon Eric Johnson
Readers: Shirley Barrett, Erin Kohlhaas
 Acts 1:1-11
 Psalm 47
 Ephesians 1:15-23
 Luke 24:44-53

23 May 2021
The Day of Pentecost
10:30 am Morning Prayer
Presider: Rev. Deacon Eric Johnson
Homilist: Rev. Diane Ramerman
Readers: Creamy Wilkins, June Cook
 Acts 2:1-21
 Psalm 104:25-35, 37
 Romans 8:22-27
 John 15:26-27; 16:4b-15

30 May 2021
Trinity Sunday
10:30 am Morning Prayer
Presider: Ms. June Cook
Homilist: Ms. Shirley Barrett
Deacon: Rev. Deacon Eric Johnson
Readers: Carleton Manning, Valerie Long
 Isaiah 6:1-8
 Psalm 29
 Romans 8:12-17
 John 3:1-17

6 June 2021
Pentecost 2
10:30 am Morning Prayer
Presider: Rev. Brian Lennstrom
Homilist: Rev. Brian Lennstrom
Deacon: Rev. Deacon Eric Johnson
Readers: Jerlyn Caba, Shirley Barrett
 Genesis 3:8-15
 Psalm 130
 2 Corinthians 4:13-5:1
 Mark 3:20-35

A Joyful Noise | May 2021