Lesson 2: Drawing Mandala

Perception – a physical sensation interpreted in the light of experience.

Sight Expansion Meditation
With Fabrícia Lima

“It is first of all necessary to make the organ of vision analogous and similar to the object to be contemplated. Never would the eye have perceived the sun if it had not first taken the form of the sun: likewise, the soul cannot see beauty unless it first becomes beautiful itself, and every man must make himself beautiful and divine in order to attain the sight of beauty and divinity.” – Plotinus 

What I see can be different from how I see it. My perception is guided by my own experience.

Perception is a physical sensation interpreted in the light of experience. Our perceptions can become an obstacle to be fully present with what is happening with us and around us. Exposure to diverse experiences and taking the form of another could expand our awareness and shift old ways of seeing.

Meditation guidelines:

1. Journaling – in your journal, draw two columns to be filled with actions related to sight. In the first column add actions related to what the physical eye can do, such as seeing, watching, blinking. Expand the concepts of sight by adding in the second column actions that the spiritual eye can do, for example, from seeing to witnessing. Save those words to be used in your creative mediation as you are called to express them.
2. Grid – create a grid with cardinal directions (optional)
3. Center – start from the center where the potential for all life is contained.
4. Flow – trust and follow the process, there is no need for a plan.
5. Expansion – expanding outward by creating movement with concentric circles, rays or spirals. 
6. Breathing – take moments during the meditation to be connected to your breathing.

Materials: journal, eraser and #2 pencil, black cardstock, compass and ruler, white, black, and 2-3 colored pencils. 

Some actions of the physical eye: see , watch, observe, register, reflect, explore, collect and appreciate.

Some actions of the spiritual eye: witness, contemplate, perceive, awareness, become, dream, understand and love.

Drawing Mandala Lesson Video

Our guide: Fabricia Lima – contemplative artist, spiritual practitioner, mystic and mother. She has a bachelor’s degree in Visual Arts from UFG (Federal University of Goiás) from Brazil. She is a certified spiritual director by the Haden Institute, certified (in all levels) children’s spiritual formation teacher by the Catechesis of the Good Shepherd National Association, certified SoulCollage® facilitator, Veriditas trained labyrinth facilitator, and creator of Art as a Spiritual Connection™ programs. 

Fab brings the gifts of creativity, contemplation, and hospitality in all that she does – serving as a sacred container by holding space for others as they seek spiritual awareness. She believes that art as soul expression is for everyone and the creative process can be a pathway to self-reflection and restorative healing. Her preferred art mediums are: acrylic paint, colored pencils, watercolor, polymer clay and collage. Connect with Fabricia at http://www.spiritedhandstudio.com.

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Lesson 2: Drawing Mandala