Godly Play

What is Godly Play?

Godly Play, which meets September through May, teaches the fundamental stories of the Christian faith. It will give your child a foundation that will enhance their experience of God’s love in their lives.

Children have an innate sense of God. They instantly “get it” when they hear and see the stories and encounter the symbols of our faith. It allows them time and space to identify and express what they already know deep down inside.

During a typical Godly Play session, the children are greeted, told a sacred story using beautiful materials, and are engaged in a series of open-ended “I wonder” questions allowing them to explore the relationship between the story and their lives. The session concludes with children working with materials of their choice to express and “meditate” on the story in an artistic and kinesthetic way. In this way, Godly Play helps children know God — not just know about God or the Bible.

Godly Play encourages children to explore their questions through work with art materials. We believe that this approach is uniquely suited to forming children within an Anglican or Episcopal spiritual tradition — one that values both a way of doing things that has flow and grace and cultivates a spirit of experimentation and freedom.

 Christ Church is a Safeguarding God’s People church. All staff and parishioners who work with children and adults must attend two half-day training sessions in child abuse prevention. The training is mandatory and must be renewed periodically.

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