Men's Group

By Guy Davidson

Just what exactly does the Men’s Group talk about on Friday mornings?  Even though most of us don’t like to talk about the Elephant in the Room, this past year it’s been hard to avoid politics: Iran, Iraq, Afghanistan, North Korea, Venezuela, Brexit, Syria, China…As well as Immigration, War and Defense, Homelessness, the Economy and Trade Wars, Mass Shootings, Police Brutality, Black Lives Matter… Other topics could be natural disasters, local issues (like roundabouts)… or the mundane, an episode from our past that made an impression in our lives, or what’s happening in the world of sports? 

We have members with quite varying backgrounds, outlooks and views. We examine the issues through the lens of Christianity and invariably, every week, solve the problem! If only the rest of the world would listen to us!  We’re always on the lookout for new members. . .so, if you can talk, or know how to put in your hearing aid, join us for camaraderie and fun. We meet Friday mornings @ 8am, downstairs in the Parish Hall. Or at least we used to; now we’re meeting on Zoom.

Join our Zoom Meetings, every Friday morning at 8am.