Pentecost Eve Project

The Reverend Deacon Eric Johnson

Saturday Morning at the Park

We have all heard the fears expressed over the years about Causland Memorial Park —the city park next to Christ Church—and how the homeless are littering the park and turning it into a dangerous place to visit. At the same time, there are six churches in Old Town that have a mission to the homeless. These churches provide everything from money for temporary shelter to meals on Sunday afternoons.

It would be wonderful if these churches were to take part in an Adopt-a-Park program to help clean up the park where some homeless folk like to visit. And why couldn’t Christ Church take the lead in that? Cleaning up the park grounds would complement the Fidalgo Island Morning Rotary’s weed & seed gardening program, and the City of Anacortes will happily supply trash bags and grabbers for us. I plan to be at Causland Memorial Park this Saturday, 22 May, at 10:00 AM and search for trash. Others from Christ Church have also volunteered to help and, as of Monday at Noon, at least one other church will have members there.

Pentecost Eve is an opportune time to start a project like this. Pentecost is the day when our story of the Kingdom of God really begins. It is the day when the Holy Spirit drove out all the disciples fears and sent them out to bring the Kingdom that Jesus talked about into full and tangible reality. Being good stewards of the earth is part of that tangible reality, and picking up trash is certainly one of the many duties required in sustaining the Kingdom of God.

Pentecost Eve Project