Points of Focus

The 2019-2020 Christ Church Mutual Ministry Plan (MMP) Points of Focus* and Appreciative Inquiry Goals
MMP – The Points of Focus for 2019-2020 Which We Are Definitely Committed to Execute:
  • Be intentional in integrating newcomers; improve congregational participation in ministry recruiting and training; raise up leaders through:
    • Appreciative Inquiry exercise (“Who do we want to be?”).
    • Spiritual gifts inventory workshop for the entire congregation by April 2019.
    • Providing Spiritual Calling/Formation Groups or Classes.
    • Identifying a new team to send to the College of Congregational Development in 2020.

  • Care for immigrants:
    • Increase our financial and lay ministry support for the Foundation for Academic Endeavors.
    • Support Father Dale and the “Immigrant Voice” project.

  • Care for those on the margin and the homeless through examining our vision for the Red Door Thrift Shop and reinvigorating our commitment to it: how does the Red Door express the ministry of the church?

  • Care for families and children by:
    • Supporting the Synergy Project (an effort to support the effort to establish an infant and childcare facility in Anacortes).
    • Living into our vision of children’s formation as a key ministry of the church, exploring the options for a more formal children’s and family ministry, including the possible hiring of a part-time lay youth leader. Expand Godly Play to be every Sunday.

  •  Foster civil discourse within our wider community.

*Approved by the Bishop’s Committee 12 November 2018


Appreciative Inquiry – Primary Goals:
  • Raise up the next generation Ministry Support Circle for Total Common Ministry – this process is already underway.
  • Expand the ministry of The Red Door – Exploratory committee will form to investigate short-term and long-term possibilities; will include RD management team.
  • Create an all-in-one non-profit center – Exploratory committee will form to investigate partnerships and possibilities of using CEC and Gentry House footprint for a large building, both renovated and new construction, to provide an updated Parish Hall, non-profit Infant day-care center, Adult day-care center, showers and other services for the homeless community.
  • Also: Develop a program for mental wellness, host an annual event celebrating our work and ministries, expand on offerings to Youth – Liturgical/Faith Formation/Summer program, and create the Anacortes Non-Profit Infant Care Center.