Prayer Shawls

The Prayer Shawl Ministry is a group of knitters who gather to socialize and pray for those in need of spiritual comfort, both within the congregation and also for friends and family of congregants. Yarn and gift bags are provided by the church, and the group welcomes all knitters, from beginners to advanced. For beginners, experienced knitters offer assistance in getting the project started; the pattern used is simple and easy to follow.

Names of those needing this comfort may be suggested by any member of the congregation and given to Ministry Support Circle member Diane Canington. Shawls are then blessed at a church service and presented to those individuals. The gifting of shawls is recorded in a diary and recipients are prayed for at every meeting.

Helpful Instructional Links – All from knitting designer and teacher, Staci Perry, at her VeryPink Knits YouTube channel.

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VeryPink Knits

Slip knot

Cable Cast-on (more advanced, but eliminates the need to approximate yarn needed to cast on)

Long-tail Cast-on

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Knit Stitch

Purl Stitch

Joining a new ball of yarn (easy and good for acrylic yarn)