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Shifting Perceptions — from homogeneous to pluralistic
I am one who was conditioned to accept a homogeneous way of seeing the world.
I am one who was conditioned to accept her “pseudo” inferiority as a woman with a darker complexion and a non-standard shape.
I am one who is in love with the black woman and her exuberant beauty.
My gift to you is courage to break conditional thought, biases, and rules that exclude.
What I want you to remember is it is time to project our rainbow colors, and speak truth from a place of compassion and clarity, and to shift the patterns of oppression.

What is an Archetype?

In Jungian psychology, archetypes represent universal patterns of behavior and power systems that are part of our collective unconscious. They continue to reappear across generations and cultures. Jung understood archetypes as inherited human potentials that when actualized enter our consciousness and manifest through images we create, behaviors we embody, and interactions we establish with the outside world.

An archetype is not a noun, but a verb; it projects qualities and actions that can penetrate and influence our lives. An archetype also manifests differently in each person by becoming a pattern that could enhance you, but you need to be conscious of its presence to interpret it correctly. Archetypes are also given particular expression by each culture.

It is important to understand that archetypal behavior does not mature, but humans do, we can evolve with awareness and pattern breaking practices.

Some examples of archetypes are: Victim, Bully, Seeker, Trickster, Mother, Visionary, Savior, etc.

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Clip and Source Yourself DIY
Synchronicity Envelope prepared by Fabricia

30 large images
30 small images
12 collage cards
12 plastic sleeves
Composition frame

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Clip your own images from magazines, books, greeting cards, etc.:

30 large images
30 small images

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12 collage cards
12 plastic sleeves
Composition frame
Clip your own images from magazines, books, greeting cards, etc.:

30 large images
30 small images

Cut from mat board or sturdy poster board:

12 – 5”x 8” collage cards

Use plastic bags/wrap to make:

12 – 5″ x 8″plastic sleeves

Cut from mat board or sturdy poster board:

Composition frame – with 5″ x 8″ opening.

Our guide: Fabricia Lima – contemplative artist, spiritual practitioner, mystic and mother. She has a bachelor’s degree in Visual Arts from UFG (Federal University of Goiás) from Brazil. She is a certified spiritual director by the Haden Institute, certified (in all levels) children’s spiritual formation teacher by the Catechesis of the Good Shepherd National Association, certified SoulCollage® facilitator, Veriditas trained labyrinth facilitator, and creator of Art as a Spiritual Connection™ programs. 

Fab brings the gifts of creativity, contemplation, and hospitality in all that she does – serving as a sacred container by holding space for others as they seek spiritual awareness. She believes that art as soul expression is for everyone and the creative process can be a pathway to self-reflection and restorative healing. Her preferred art mediums are: acrylic paint, colored pencils, watercolor, polymer clay and collage. Connect with Fabricia at

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SoulCollage® Lesson Video | November