Weekly Update | 25 March 2021


The Reverend Brian Lennstrom

In 2021, I’ve been reading Martin Luther, at the rate of about two pages per day.  It’s slow going, in part because the times are so different (1521 versus 2021); in part because the things Luther cares about are so different from the things most people in our age care about (he returns again and again to the fact that the Catholic hierarchy was comprised of what we moderns might term a “swarm of Darth Vaders”); and in part because he is so much more earnest about Christ than I am.

There is the 16th century polemic in his writings: in one paper (“Concerning the Letter and the Spirit”) he is responding to an attack by the German theologian Jerome Emser, whose coat of arms featured a goat.  This caused Luther frequently to refer to Emser in his writing as “Goat Emser.”  (In fairness, Emser had already termed Luther the “Bull of Wittenberg.”)  In addition, there is the 16th century style and color; for example, here (to shift metaphors), Luther writes, “Where are you now, Goliath Emser, with your spear and sword?  You have buckled on this sword and let your own head be cut off with it.”   Finally, one occasionally finds in Luther a sweet, self-deprecating humor, as in “It was necessary for me to undertake the translation of the Bible; otherwise I would have died under the mistaken impression that I was a learned man.”

But most magnificently, I am moved by how regularly and deeply he draws his readers to Christ.  Look at this passage: “The preaching of the gospel is nothing else than Christ coming to us, or we being brought to him….  If you pause here and let him do you good, that is, if you believe that he benefits and helps you, then you really have it.  Then Christ yours, presented to you as a gift.”

Come, Lord God and present Jesus Christ to me as a gift; and also give him as a gift and example to my neighbor; and finally, say to the heart of this land, and cry to her, that her sin is forgiven. We thank you for the rich life and witness of your servant, Martin Luther.  Amen.

March 28, The Sunday of the Passion

Morning Prayer
10:30 am

Presider: The Reverend Diane Ramerman
Homilist: Ms. Shirley Barrett
Deacon: The Reverend Deacon Eric Johnson

If joining the Sunday Service by phone:
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Daily Lenten Meditation

Holy Week, Easter Vigil, & Easter Day

Monday, March 29
5:00 pm
Women in Scripture: Laying Down the Stones        
Presider: Rev. Diane Ramerman

Tuesday, March 30
5:00 pm
Stations of the Cross   
Presider: Rev. Deacon Eric Johnson      

Maundy Thursday, April 1
5:00 pm
Maundy Thursday Meditation
Presider: Rev. Brian Lennstrom      

Good Friday, April 2
Liturgy of the Solemn Collects     
Presider & Homilist: Rev. Deacon Eric Johnson
The Good Friday offering is designated for the Diocese of Jerusalem. Checks may be mailed or placed in the parish hall mail drop. Please make your check out to Christ Church, memo to “Diocese of Jerusalem”. Please be generous. The needs are very great.

Easter Vigil
Saturday, April 3
7:00 pm
The First Service of Easter & Holy Eucharist   
Presider & Homilist: Rev. Diane Ramerman   

Easter Day
Sunday, April 4
11:00 am, St. Mark’s Cathedral
Please join the online celebration at St. Mark’s Cathedral, Seattle or view Christ Church’s Easter Vigil service, which will be posted on our website. Livestream from St. Mark’s Cathedral is available at https://saintmarks.org/worship/live-stream/

Godly Play

Our children’s faith formation program, Godly Play, meets weekly on Sundays, 11:30 am, via Zoom.
Please call the church office, 360-293-5790, for the Zoom link.

All ages are welcome.

Red Door Thrift Shop News

Every Wednesday from 10:30am until Noon, volunteers and staff will be at the Red Door Thrift Shop to assist customers with window shopping. During this time, customers are welcome to use curbside pick-up for orders they’ve placed online, shop our selection of seasonal items in our front window displays, and ask one of our volunteers or staff to shop for specific items we may have in inventory. During window shopping, no customers will be allowed into the store. All transactions will happen on the sidewalk in front of the store. Everyone is required to wear a mask and socially distance. The use of credit cards is highly encouraged. 
Erin Kohlhaas, Manager, Red Door Thrift Shop

Contemplative Creativity

We gather weekly on Thursdays.
5:00 pm* via Zoom
*Our gathering on April 1, Maundy Thursday, will begin at 6:00 pm*
Guided Practice with Fabricia Lima is held on the second Thursday of the month. Our other weekly sessions provide a quiet space for art and companionship, as we explore spirituality through mindful creativity.

Lesson videos are posted on the Contemplative Creativity page on the Christ Church website and may be accessed at any time. Our March lesson video focuses on creating and using prayer beads.

Please join in! All are welcome.
Visit our Contemplative Creativity page for more information.

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Mindful Poetry

Mindful Poetry meets on the fourth Tuesday of the month at 6:00 pm.
Co-facilitators:  Becky Lennstrom & Sylvia Sepulveda
Please join in. All are welcome.

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Men’s Group

Men’s Group meets every Friday at 8:00 am via Zoom.
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Day by Day

Day by Day daily meditations may be accessed at the following link.

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Weekly Update | 25 March 2021