Weekly Update | July 30, 2020

Weekly Update | July 30, 2020


June Cook

Becoming Beloved Community

Bishop Curry was the lead-off speaker on Tuesday for the first of a three-part national webinar, title as above.  The objective is to move us, as a church and as a nation, to reconciliation of the damage done, damage that’s still so pervasive, by the American experience of slavery.  The focus of day one was Truth, Wednesday’s will be Justice, and on Thursday we’ll address Healing.

There’s a natural progression in this order of discussion.  To even begin the long, difficult process of reconciliation, the Truth must be told and acknowledged.  This is no easy task.  One speaker compared Truth-Telling to an archeology dig . . . No matter how many artifacts (pieces of the truth) are uncovered, analyzed, and integrated into the objective record of the dig site, there are always more pieces, yet undiscovered, that will add to the body of knowledge.  So it is with Truth.  Objective truth is a collection of mini-truths, some revealed and some yet undiscovered at various depths in the minds and hearts of good people.  The long road ahead must not deter us from traveling the road toward Truth.

Truth-telling was the focus of Bishop Curry’s brief address.  He spoke for only seven or eight minutes, but I could have listened to him speak for hours.  Truth-telling is the core of the reconciliation process, and his exhortation to webinar participants made an impact on me.  Everyone, regardless of proximity to or distance from the Black experience in America, has a personal Truth to dig down to, own, and share.

Four panelists discussed . . .  The Anglican Church in Canada’s Truth & Reconciliation Commission . . . The Diocese of New York’s Reparations Committee . . . Richmond’s (Virginia) History & Reconciliation Initiative . . . and Sewanee’s Roberson Project on Slavery, Race & Reconciliation.  Clearly the first baby steps are being made to help move us toward reconciliation, but the road is long.  Are we prepared for the challenge?

August 2, The Ninth Sunday after Pentecost

Proper 13

Morning Prayer
10:30 am

Password: 101998221

Presider: Reverend Diane Ramerman
Preacher & Deacon: Reverend Deacon Eric Johnson
Readers: Carleton Manning, Valerie Long

Coffee Hour follows the service


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Contemplative Creativity

Contemplative Creativity class meets every Thursday at 5:00 pm via Zoom.
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Our purpose is to provide a beautiful, quiet space for art and companionship—to explore spirituality through mindful creativity.

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Men’s Group

Men’s Group meets every Friday at 8:00 am via Zoom.
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August Theology Potluck

Sunday, August 16
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